The ThisMyMob study is the first to apply the framework of Postcolonial Computing to guide the design and leadership of a national-scale, Indigenous-led technology development project in Australia. We aim to establish the notion of digital land rights, which asserts the right of Indigenous peoples to a safe online space that they control. Through a project to design and evaluate a mobile app, the study aims to investigate how social technology can enhance wellbeing by connecting Indigenous communities, and how we can design culturally appropriate and sensitive technologies that afford a safe refuge for Indigenous peoples and their communities.

In creating and testing a useful technology that will improve connectedness and wellbeing for Indigenous Australians, this Indigenous-led project will develop a national framework for technology research and development, inform the development of post-secondary curricula for Indigenous software engineering, and create pathways towards an environment that supports Indigenous developers, entrepreneurs and start-ups to manage the development and ongoing operation of Indigenous-owned technology.

Contact us via Twitter at @thismymob