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The #thismymob prototype  is currently being tested and trialed with the the following 5 mobs:

  1. Eora – NSW
  2. Jumbunna (UTS) – NSW
  3. Bard – WA
  4. Tiwi Islands – NT
  5. Gunditjamara – VIC

If you are from either of these mobs and you want to test and trial the app for us please send us an email using the details below. We will need  your full name, email address, phone type you use (e.g. iPhone, or Android) and the mob you are connect with.

During the testing and trialing period participants will provide feedback around the features and functionality of the app. We would appreciate your feedback on how the app could be further improved and rolled out to mobs across Australia.

Soon we will be creating a ‘Deadly Mob’ as a temporary space for people who want to connect on the #thismymob app. The ‘Deadly Mob’ will be used for the mobs currently not listed.  Over the coming months in collaboration with local Indigenous communities we will introduce more mobs as we aim to connect all Indigenous Australians.

Email us at :

Please help us to make #thismymob the number one successful app to connect all of Indigenous Australia.

Stay strong and deadly!

The #thismymob team