Europe presentations

Chris and Joel have been in Europe during August and September presenting about the #thismymob project.

Australian Embassy, Berlin

The first stop was the Australian Embassy in Berlin where Chris and Joel presented to the Ambassador Lynette Wood and Australian Embassy staff. Everyone was very excited about the project particularly around designing and developing technologies that establish ‘digital land rights’ for Indigenous people.


University of Cambridge

The next stop was at the University of Cambridge where Chris and Joel showcased the #thismymob project, demonstrated the functionality of the app and talked about future research collaborations.


Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, Kings College London

A meeting was also held with academics from the Menzies Centre for Australian Studies to give a demonstration of the #thismymob app and discuss future research collaborations.

MobileHCI Conference, Barcelona Spain

The final stop was the MobileHCI Conference in Barcelona where Chris and Joel caught up with Professor Nic Bidwell who is a partner investigator on the #thismymob project. Joel also presented a paper at the Mobile Cultural Heritage workshop. The talk highlighted that the #thismymob project is unique and the first of its kind to explore the impacts of mobile technologies for preserving and promoting Indigenous Australian cultural heritage across urban, regional, rural and remote landscapes.