United States presentations

Chris and Joel have been in the United States during August, presenting about the #thismymob project, and the successful launch of the app prototype with the five participating mobs.

University California Irvine

Their first stop was in Irvine, California where they met up with Professor Paul Dourish from the University of California Irvine, who is a partner investigator on the project. The discussions there were about post-colonial computing and how the project team can further investigate co-desiging technologies with Indigenous people and ‘coding for culture’.


Google, San Francisco 

The next stop was to San Francisco, California where they presented the project to Google. The presentation was held in the San Francisco office and was also broadcast across to all Google offices around the United States. Google staff were very interested in the project particularly around ‘coding for culture’ and ensuring that technology is designed with Indigenous people to be culturally sensitive and appropriate.


MIT, Boston

The next presentation was at MIT in Boston, which sparked interesting conversations around cyber bullying and how apps, such as #thismymob can be used as safe space for Indigenous people to connect and communicate with each other.

Australian Embassy, Washington DC

The final stop was at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC, where Chris and Joel presented to Australian Embassy staff, and representatives from Embassies from New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and Peru.