using #ThisMyMob

trial participants at Wurrumiyanga get set up with #ThisMyMob

During July, five Indigenous communities have begun pilot-testing the first release version of the #ThisMyMob smartphone app. Chris, Joel, Tuck, Aimee and Greg have held workshops in Sydney (Eora and Jumbunna communities), Portland (Gunditjmara), Lombadina (Bard) and Bathurst Island (Tiwi). Community members are now using the app in a pilot study that will run for several months. Already, mobs in diverse regions of Australia are connecting through this exciting new technology.

Native Title Conference 2018 – Broome WA

During early June, the team trekked it to the 2018 National Native Title Conference, which was hosted by the Yawuru people on their traditional lands in Broome, Western Australia.


While at the conference the team had a Digital Popup showcasing the latest stage of the #thismymob app’s development. Attendees of the conference had access to demo the prototype and provide feedback.




During the conference, Dr Christopher Lawrence gave a presentation about the #thismymob project. The presentation covered the development stages of the app, what it looks like now and whats to come!




Portland June Workshop

working with community for a better app development

During June, Associate Professor Dr Christopher Lawrence and Dr Joel Fredericks traveled south, to Portland Victoria.

Together they ran a workshop with community partners to recruit participants. During this workshop, they discussed the future functionality of the #thismymob application.

These workshops are fundamental to the development of the app as it allows the researchers and developers to work with Indigenous communities across Australia and gather experiences and feedback about the app.


During the workshop, community members are encouraged to provide feedback about what they think would improve the app, and how their community would respond to it.

We look forward to doing more work with communities in the future of the app’s  development!